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Archives Improbables

In collaboration with Mirjam Linschooten

“Besieged as we are by the profusion of images that characterize our present, we might be tempted to close our eyes – only to realize that pictures have always been swarming behind our eyelids.”
— Massimiliano Gioni, Il Palazzo Enciclopedico =: The Encyclopedic Palace: Biennale Arte 2013

A 4-week workshop with students from the National Institute of Architecture and the School of Fine Arts in Tétouan, Morocco. By accessing the ‘internal archives’ of the students, we constructed a database of images that challenged the official story told by the Ethnographic Museum of Tétouan with alternative narratives.

Ethnographic Museum of Tétouan, Morocco Dar Ben Jelloun, Tétouan, Morocco Dar Ben Jelloun, Tétouan, Morocco


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Archives Improbables
Archives Improbables
Archives Improbables